Why should we do background checks on staff and volunteers?

Basic answer:

You want to know you can trust your employees to be productive, honest, and outstanding representatives of your organization.

Many times, your staff and/or volunteers may be the first impression a client has of your organization. Why risk your reputation? One incident can dissolve all you have worked to build.

Background checks are a fairly common practice these days. Most legitimate applicants/volunteers are not offended by the request, while this practice may help to ward off unwanted individuals.

The job market across the country is crazy.  In some markets the unemployment rate is so low that one help wanted ad may bring about 200…300…400…or more responses.  Others – the niche they are looking to fill is so specialized that it may not produce any interest…taking months to fill that position.


Are employers willing to cut corners – change hiring practice – settle?  Does this sound like your company?

Set yourself apart – don’t settle – I know this may mean running a leaner team then you want…but only for a period of time – hiring the right person for your organization or team may be the key to your success…..or possible downfall.

Understanding the job description, who that person will work with, and the type of person(s) needed to fill the position is just as important.  These answers help you to build a proper background screening package.

Some questions to ask yourself:

  • Does our organization serve a vulnerable population, such as: children, seniors, persons living with disabilities?
  • Who will this person be working directly with our clients?
  • What duties will this person be responsible to carry out?

Just as you interview your job applicants/volunteers, ensure you are interviewing and partnering with the right resources such as a HR consultant, insurance agent, legal counsel, and background screening company.

Questions about your current background check services?  Contact one of our knowledgeable team members to get the conversation started.  Call 888-828-8482 or email info@guardianbackgroundscreening.comtoday! As always, check with legal counsel before implementing any changes.

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