Polished Industries was started in 2016 to provide hope, support, and employment to disadvantaged young women while creating beautiful gifts that their customers are delighted to give and receive.

The owner/founder of Polished Industries, Kris Newland, has been counseling young women since 1998 to overcome personal challenges and barriers to success. In 2003, she started a psychotherapy practice counseling teen girls with severe trauma history. Some of these girls were in the foster care system, and they received very limited resources to make it on their own as they aged out of the system. All they received was an emancipation course by the county—no continuing support or guidance—so Kris decided to create a business that could sustain itself while employing these young women. They were struggling to overcome financial, educational, and social boundaries and Kris wanted to provide the leadership and support they need to realize their potential. From this, Polished Industries was born with a vision to help women break free from negative cycles and spread joy to their customers.

Kris has inspired and empowered so many young women to become the best they can be and overcome their hardships. Let’s help her continue to help these young girls by purchasing the thoughtful and creative gift baskets for your colleagues and friends. The more business that is generated, the more women that will receive leadership, training, and employment. The newest service offered by Polished Industries is creating gift baskets for silent auctions and fundraisers. Consider a gift that gives back!

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