Accurate and affordable tenant screening is fast and easy! Before you rent get our comprehensive reports to verify the applicant’s credit, identity, and criminal background. Your decisions are only as good as the data behind them. Make better rental decisions with a tenant screening report!

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It’s imperative for landlords and property managers to request a tenant background check for potential tenants.  In order to secure rental income and property, landlords must acquire tenants who will occupy the property responsibly.  The tenants must pay their rent each month and treat the premises in a respectful manner.  You can avoid the problems and lost income from evictions and nonpayment by running a tenant background check.  If the potential tenant meets your criteria, then you can feel better about having them sign a lease or rental agreement.

Lower your risk and maximize your success with our system!

With our cloud based system, you can handle your screening needs virtually anywhere.  Our compliance team works hard every single day to make sure the information you are receiving is accurate and FCRA compliant.

  • No minimums
  • No long term contracts
  • No subscription
  • Online e-Signature applications
  • Credit report with FICO score
  • Eviction searches
  • Residence verifications

As a full-service background screening company, we can help design a package that fits your tenant screening needs.

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