Assessing your organization’s needs requires answers to:

  • Who do you serve?
  • What are your Safety Policies?
  • What are your Local/State/Federal/Grant Requirements?

Who You Serve

Understanding who you serve, whether it be children, aging population, or our population living with physical/mental differences will determine the types of background screening you will need to have in place to help you mitigate your risk and protect your vulnerable populations.

Next, determine the roles that each staff/vendor/volunteer will have in your organization. Based on their duties, you can determine the level of background check that will be required.

For example, if they will be driving on your behalf, whether it be your vehicle or theirs, you may want to run a Motor Vehicle Report. If they will oversee a group of children, you may want to run a more extensive check to include sex offender and abuse registries, as well as county court searches to determine if there are convictions related to abuse.

Safety Policy

Your Safety Policy is a set of standards that your organization follows in protecting your staff, your clients, and your organizations assets. We cannot stress enough the importance of this policy and that your organizations staff and volunteers are fully aware of these safety policies.

Policies typically include, but not limited to;
how to detect abuse,
how to handle difficult situations and/or conflict,
what to do if you suspect abuse,
what to do in case of an emergency

Having a plan in place that also provides orientation on your policies, and awareness trainings can add to a more robust and success Safety Plan.

Local/State/Federal/Funding/Grant Requirements

Depending on who you serve may expand the level of background checks your organization may be required to perform. Check with your HR specialist, compliance team, or legal counsel to make sure that your organizations safety standards meet all requirements for screening staff, vendors, and volunteers.

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